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Progress at Blasbach wind farm

Koehler Renewable Energy implements extensive species protection measures


Initial construction preparations for the two wind turbines at the Blasbach wind farm were made in fall. An area of around 1.9 hectares first had to be temporarily cleared to ensure that the turbines can be installed. To compensate for this unavoidable impact on nature, specialist planning offices and authorities, in consultation with local contacts from the forestry and nature conservation sectors, defined appropriate compensation and replacement measures. The first part of the measures has already been implemented, and further measures are planned for fall 2023.

Koehler Renewable Energy implements extensive species protection measures

Forestry compensation

Roughly one-third of the cleared area will be reforested after construction is completed. In addition, almost 0.5 hectares of new oak-hornbeam forest will be replanted in the region. Furthermore, approximately 2 hectares of partially damaged pine forest will be converted into an ecologically valuable beech forest. The first plantings are expected to take place in fall 2023.

Many of the measures, however, could already be implemented in the run-up to the start of construction, such as the installation of 100 nesting boxes as an offer for bats and various birds, which will also benefit from the designation of 23 so called "habitat trees". These mostly old trees offer optimal habitats for the animals, e.g. through special knotholes, niches and crevices. Some roots of the trees felled for the wind turbines now serve as "wildcat castles". They have been grouped in suitable places in the forest so that any representatives of the shy species can find shelter and hiding places there. The staking out of almost 9 hectares of "old wood islands" has the goal of creating extensive areas in which the animal and plant life can develop undisturbed for many years. Extensive measures have also been implemented for large birds in several areas, primarily to improve the food supply for these animals.

According to the further project plan, earthworks for the access road and foundation construction of the turbines will start as early as the beginning of 2023. Cable route construction will also start at the same time and is scheduled for completion in spring. The delivery and construction of the main plant components is scheduled for summer, so that commissioning can take place in fall 2023.


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