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Further wind turbines in planning

Koehler Renewable Energy plans up to 7 wind turbines for Rowancraig wind farm project in the west of Sanquhar, Scotland


Last fall, the first public information event of Koehler Renewable Energy UK Ltd. took place, to present the Rowancraig wind farm project to the local community. The event was hosted by Alan Mathewson, Managing Director at Koehler Renewable Energy UK and Nick Forrest, Senior Project Developer at Koehler Renewable Energy UK, who introduced visitors to the company and the plans for the new wind farm.

Koehler Renewable Energy plans up to 7 wind turbines for Rowancraig wind farm project in the west of Sanquhar, Scotland

Up to 7 turbines could be installed in the Rowancraig wind farm. The maximum tip height of the turbines is 180 meters and an output of between four and six megawatts (MW). According to initial calculations, depending on the final design of the wind farm and the turbine model deployed, it could produce up to 100 gigawatt hours (GWh) per year.

Educational work among the population

The response from the community was very positive, although there were also some sceptical voices. Alan and Nick took the opportunity to talk about the community contribution, which would benefit the community around Rowancraig in particular. In the United Kingdom, the government stipulates that the construction of wind turbines will support community benefit in the form of an annual cash payment. The funds are used to support local projects and initiatives.

Lengthy processes until implementation

Koehler Renewable Energy plans to hold further public exhibitions in spring 2023 as part of the formal planning process, with the aim of submitting the planning application in September 2023. Once submitted, the local planning authority will review the application and consult with statutory partners and local community councils. These processes tend to be lengthy and are expected to take 6 to 9 months. If the planning application is approved, the Rowancraig Wind Farm would likely be fully operational by 2026.


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