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Develop Projects for Generating Renewable Energy in the UK

Koehler Renewable Energy Founds New Company


Koehler Renewable Energy has been represented by its own UK company since September 2021. Koehler Renewable Energy’s focus in the UK is on onshore wind power and hydropower projects.

Koehler Renewable Energy set up the company Koehler Renewable Energy UK Ltd. in Dundee, Scotland, with a view to expanding its activities across Europe.

Koehler Already Established in the UK Market

Koehler held a long-term interest in the area of renewable energies prior to entering the market. In addition to planning and implementing projects, Koehler Renewable Energy is also aiming to manage its own projects independently in the future. The company was able to establish itself in the UK back in 2013, undertaking various projects including hydroelectric power plants near Greenfield Burn, in Kelburn and in Ledard, as well as the Edintore Wind Farm. Koehler Renewable Energy Corporate Director and Koehler Renewable Energy UK Managing Director Nicolas Christoph had the following to say: “All previous projects have been implemented as part of a joint venture with vento ludens Limited. Now, this new company will allow Koehler Renewable Energy to stand on its own two feet and realize its ambitious growth plans in renewable energy.”

Director Duo with Significant Experience in the Renewable Energies Sector

Company Director Alan Mathewson and his colleague Nick Forrest possess considerable expertise in the environment and renewable energies sector. They both have experience in the energy industry and both previously worked at vento ludens. “I have been impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication of the entire Koehler Renewable Energy team in driving forward projects in the sector, as well as their enormous expertise,” says Mathewson, adding, “We are certain that the British market will make a significant contribution to the Koehler Group strategy of producing more renewable energy from its own power plants than it requires for its paper production operations by 2030.”

Onshore Wind Power: Scotland Offers Ideal Conditions

Using onshore wind energy is a particularly attractive prospect for the expansion of renewable energies in the UK. Scotland has the ideal conditions for generating onshore wind power due to its very windy climate and sparsely populated regions. With this in mind, Koehler Renewable Energy UK is currently actively seeking new development opportunities for wind farms across Scotland.


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