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First Delivery of Fuel by Ship Arrives at Kehl Port


At the end of May, Koehler Renewable Energy used new procurement and sales channels for the first time, whereby fuel was delivered by ship to Kehl port and successfully unloaded.

First Delivery of Fuel by Ship Arrives at Kehl Port

Around 8000 tonnes of waste wood in category AI-II will be sent to Kehl from Belgium from May until the end of the year. This amount equates to around seven to eight shiploads. Waste wood in these categories primarily includes pallets from the automotive industry, as well as old furniture from private households. The fuel is used at the Koehler Renewable Energy power plant in Kehl, run by Bioenergie Baden, and thereby directly supplies energy to the paper production processes at the Koehler Paper site.

Benefits for Koehler Paper and Zollikofer

However, having additional waste wood supplied by ship not only has a positive impact on the energy supply to the factory and thereby the Koehler Paper site in Kehl, but also helps the growth of the joint venture with Zollikofer. Expanding sales by ship means that a significantly higher amount of items can be bought and sold compared to standard channels via truck, at a similar distribution cost. This both increases efficiency in sales with Zollikofer and alleviates the tense situation on the timber market in South Germany.

Clear Position Secured

“This first successful business arrangement has not only tapped into additional sales potential, but has also created a clear position for us on the international stage,” says Stefan Zollikofer, one of the managing directors in the joint venture between Zollikofer and Koehler Renewable Energy. More business operations involving different types of wood in southern and northern Europe are in the pipeline.


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